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Transfer windows in the Nordic countries in 2023

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

A footballer cannot change clubs whenever he or she wants. FIFA has decided that transfers can only take place in two so-called transfer windows, one for the summer and one for the winter. A transfer window is therefore a period during which it is permitted for a football club to bring in new players from other clubs. Transfers may also be agreed outside the transfer windows, but players cannot become eligible to play for a new club until the next transfer window opens.

The two transfer windows shall be a longer window between seasons, and a shorter window after half a season has been played. It is up to the national football associations to decide when the windows will be open. Since in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands seasons are played from spring to autumn, unlike most other leagues seasons are played from autumn to spring, the transfer windows in these countries are open longer in the winter than in other countries, and shorter in the summer.

When does the January 2023 transfer window open and close in the Nordic countries?

Transfer window in winter 2023:

• Norway: Opens on 8 January, closes on 31 March

• Sweden: Opens on 12 January, closes on 4 April

• Denmark: Opens on 1 January, closes on 31 January

• Finland: Opens on 27 January, closes on 20 April

• Iceland: Opens on 2 February, closes on 26 April

• Faroe Islands: Opens on 9 January, closes on 15 March

Transfer window summer 2023:

• Norway: Opens on 1 August and closes on 31 August

• Sweden: Opens on 20 July, closes on 16 August

• Finland: Opens on 13 July, closes on 12 August

• Iceland: Opens on 18 July, closes on 15 August

• Faroe Islands: Opens 15 June, closes 12 July

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