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Our Team

Espen Auberg

Role: Owner/FIFA-lisenced agent


Tel: +47 9970 6000

Espen  Auberg is the founder of Northern Stars and licensed by FIFA as a football agent. In addition to being a football agent, Espen is a lawyer and partner in the law firm Nova, where he specializes in football and sports law. Espen has worked in football since 2011, and has a background from the Norwegian Football Association (NFF), where he was legal director for ten years.


Kahlil is a scout with a background from Morocco. From Norway he has a coaching license (UEFA B) and solid experience as a coach.

Khalil Akkad

Role: Scout


Tel: +47 94 72 46 53

Werner is a scout with particular responsibility for players in the west and south of Norway.


Werner Vatland

Role: Scout


Tel: +47 959 03 364


If you are interested in one of our players or the services of Northern Stars, please feel free to contact us by email or by filling out the form below.

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