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Transfers and contract negotiations

Northern Stars assists in transfers on behalf of player, buying club or selling club, through an extensive national and international network of key decision-makers in football clubs and associations.

As the player's football agent, Northern Stars ensures that the player's interests are safeguarded by engaging in dialogue with the club to ensure that the player has the best possible conditions for developing through training and playing matches, and that all other prerequisites are present for the player to have optimal development. Throughout a career, the player's contract must be negotiated and renegotiated several times. Northern Stars has extensive experience in contract negotiations, and will ensure that the player, based on the prerequisites, receives optimal salary and contract terms. If it is in the player's interest to change clubs, Northern Stars will use its international network to, in consultation with the player, find a new club that matches the player's level and ambitions. In such a role, Northern Stars is positioned to manage footballers' next career steps, with detailed knowledge of the market.

As the buying club's football agent, Northern Stars will be able to assist both in connection with individual transfers, where the club in question has identified one particular player, and in a more long-term perspective, where we work to bring about transfers for players who fit the club's profile, for an acceptable transfer fee. Before a club can start negotiations with a player under contract, the buying club must first clarify with the club the player has a contract with that can contact the player, and Northern Stars will be able to have an important role in this phase, by entering into dialogue with the player's club for to clarify that the interested club can contact the player. Furthermore, Northern Stars will be able to assist in negotiations with selling clubs, or football agents representing selling clubs, about a transfer fee that the interested club will be able to accept.

What will be a realistic transfer fee will depend on many factors, including the player's sporting level and attractiveness, the selling club's finances, the buying club's finances, the player's age and remaining contract length. If the player's contract has expired or will expire within the next six months, the player can normally be signed without a transfer fee being paid. Even so, it is important for clubs signing young players to be aware that a transfer may trigger a requirement to pay training compensation to clubs that trained the player in his youth years. It will often be unclear whether a transfer will trigger a claim for training compensation, and Northern Stars will be able to help clarify this, and also by entering into agreements with clubs that initially have a claim for training and education compensation that they renounce their rights to this.

Northern Stars also assists selling football clubs. Many clubs have a long-term strategy that largely depends on their success in developing players, and then selling them to bigger clubs, preferably in bigger leagues. In such cases, the income from the sale of players will make up a large part of the club's total revenue. Through its extensive network, Northern Stars will often be able to achieve a higher transfer fees by targeting certain clubs, compared to the transfer fee the selling club itself would be able to achieve if they tried to sell the player on the open market

Guidance from talent to established player

Through a large network, Northern Stars has the ability to guide young players so that they can reach their potential.

Northern Stars is well aware of the expectations, responsibility and pressure that young talents face. By combining first-hand knowledge with personal guidance and advice, we navigate the players safely through their careers to ensure that the players have the best possible conditions to optimize their own career development. Northern Stars follows its players closely, and contributes with advice on career and development, utilization of commercial rights/image rights/sponsors, PR advice and advice on other practical matters that footballers face.

Legal advice

Northern Stars has a unique legal expertise in football law, which ensures players and clubs top legal advice.

Legal advice to clubs and players can cover a lot. When signing contracts, we will ensure that the contracts safeguard our customers' interests, and that the contracts have clear wording that helps prevent disputes between the club and the player in the future.

In many cases, disputes will arise between club and player. It is relatively common that a player wants to leave the club, either because the player wants a transfer to a bigger club or because the player does not play enough matches. It may also be that the club wants to terminate the contract with the player, typically because the player does not maintain the sporting level that the club wants, or because of disciplinary challenges. It is important for the club and the player to be aware of what is required to unilaterally terminate the contract, as the wrong procedure could have major consequences in the form of compensation claims from the other party and sanctions in the form of e.g. fines, and suspensions. While the player risks being banned from playing matches for a period, the club risks being excluded from one or more transfer windows. In such a situation, Northern Stars can play a central role in minimizing the risk of sanctions, or to be found liable to pay compensation.

Furthermore, Northern Stars will be able to assist its clubs and players in disciplinary matters before disiplinary tribunals in national football associations as well as in UEFA and FIFA.. This may be as a result of a player's or club's breach of football regulations or sport's regulations, e.g. the player's possible breach of doping regulations, or a club's use of an ineligible player or unauthorized use of pyrotechnics in the stands.

We have the expertise to handle such disputes and disciplinary matters, and at Northern Stars handling such disputes is included in the agent's fee, so that the club or the player does not pay anything extra for this. There are few football agents who offer such services, and players and clubs linked to these football agents risk having to pay dearly for external lawyers should disputes or disciplinary cases arise.

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